Most Intelligent Dog

The german shepherd intelligence is remarkable, well above average. His always on alert, ready for anything for his master, he naturally understands what is expected of him.

It is not necessary to spend the treasure of patience and ingenuity to put it in condition.

A hypersensitive animal, he devotes a real cult of admiration and devotion to the man who cares for him.

But beware, it belongs to the master as the master belongs to him. The German shepherd is not a slave; he does not give himself, he wins himself.

The German Shepherd is a dog of rare elegance, which explains its huge success worldwide.

The size of the German Shepherd Dog varies between 60 and 65 cm for a weight between 30 and 40 kilos.

This versatile dog is found in 2 lines: a so-called working with police dogs, blind, help for the disabled, firemen, but also company. Another line is said of beauty and destines the dogs to the competitions canines. The German Shepherd may be short-haired or long-haired.

The German shepherd’s dress may be black, gray, but the black, brown, and tawny combination are the one most commonly found. A dark black truffle finishes his head overhung with straight ears. His very developed flair allows him to find many traces.

As for the tail of the German shepherd, it is dropping and densely furnished with hair. The average life of the German Shepherd dog is 10 years, with peaks at 15 years.

It is an obedient dog that shows an unusual intelligence. If the training firm is successful, it is an excellent watchdog that only barks when necessary. Very sensitive, his master must avoid leaving him too alone.

With its impressive morphology, the German shepherd has a great need for space and exercise, he has to spend himself regularly. Very attached to her host family, the adult German Shepherd protects members, including children and property. He needs a master who is his boss, fair and firm. But this is facilitated by her training skills which are very good.

He is a dog whose life is closely associated with his master and his activities.