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How to Handle Certain Power Tools

power toolsHandy and practical, the jigsaw is nevertheless a powerful electric tool that must be used with caution. To start, it is essential to equip the machine with a blade compatible with the material to be cut.

Then, the part in question must be firmly fixed in a vice or with clamps to ensure that it does not move during cutting. It is also necessary to set the cutting speed of the blade beforehand according to the hardness of the object: the harder the material, the slower the cut.

Finally, do not forget to wear gloves, goggles and a protective mask to protect against chips and particles in suspension. Use proper protective equipment when using all power tools.

How to handle a jigsaw?

When starting the appliance, hold the jigsaw firmly with both hands and wait for the blade to reach the desired speed. The saw must be positioned so that the blade is perfectly perpendicular to the material.

Cut gradually at a constant speed for a good quality result, especially in case of a circular cut. When the work is complete, wait for the blade to stop fully before placing the jigsaw on its side.

What to do if you have an accident?

If you do happen to have an accident with power tools or other equipment then rush to the hospital immediately. Always seek professional help in this event.